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What’s it all about?

An interesting or intriguing concept.  Time Travel.

What’s even more interesting is the notion of making a booking NOW.

Let us explain what we are all about.

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking state that time travel is possible – we just can’t go fast enough – yet.

We all know that technological advances in just about everything is going ahead in leaps and bounds, every single day, so the question is, how far away is time travel?  Some would argue its not far at all.  Some would argue it is happening now but only the rich and famous can afford it.  While others claim to in fact be time travellers.

We can’t state with certainty that time travel will be available for you during your lifetime, so we have a fun novelty product – a Time Travel Booking package.  It could be claimed that purchasing one of these is similar to purchasing a Star, or an English title of nobility.  One of the major differences is that you don’t just get a piece of paper, you actually get a “package”. 

This package consists of:-

  • A personalised Time Travel Passport; plus
  • A Time Travel Retrieval Device, uniquely numbered; plus
  • A Quantam Pass (some would call this a Boarding Pass) to a time/destination of your choice; plus
  • For First Class bookings only, a custom Pocket Watch, uniquely numbered

All offered in a stylish presentation box that you can be proud to have on display.  We can assure you that this should be conversation starter!!

Who will buy this?  Some will buy this as a gift for someone who is hard to buy for, or who has everything, etc etc.  Some will buy this and await the availability of Time Travel.

Do you want to miss out?

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